AirBNB near miss

how on earth have i never seen this before?

this is a story of someone who passed on the AirBNB seed round, likely missing out on billions in the process.

i have been writing different versions of this story for a couple years now. today someone is coming through that will change the course of Payfrit Pads forever.

UPDATE: i couldn’t have scripted that meeting any better. stay tuned.

crypto, bitcoin

just to officially get my position on the record again, i believe that bitcoin will fluctuate in an inflation adjusted range of $20k-$40k. that’s a large enough market cap to keep enough miners mining, and enough to provide for all the illicit uses people can come up with.

i believe bitcoin is only suitable for transfer of value, not long-term store of value.

i first made this prediction about a year ago on twitter, under the now suspended payfrit username.

my morning routine

every morning i have three cups of green tea while reading the following websites, starting with AP and always down to at least The Guardian. i do this using google chrome with the ublock origin plugin, along with bypass paywalls. makes for a wonderfully ad-free browsing experience, the old fashioned way.

AP News
World – CBC News
BBC News
UPI News
The Guardian
Al Jazeera
The Wall Street Journal
The Independent
The Economist
Roll Call
Voice of America
Christian Science Monitor
KTLA 5 Los Angeles
ABC7 Los Angeles
FOX 11 Los Angeles
Los Angeles Times

here’s a media bias chart to lookup the websites you consider to be informative.