announcing YELP FOR EXES

visit yelpforexes.com to rate an ex!

very basic and “beta” website right now, here’s the current features:

  • Add/Edit basic profile info
  • Reset password
  • Add an Ex to Rate
  • Rate an Ex
  • Upload images
  • View Ratings from others
  • Invite your friends

we have some really big features planned for the very near future (less than a week!) but for the time being we need to get some live data going from people who are curious, so come through and add a couple Exes and rate them!

upcoming stuff:

  • lookup exes!
  • invite your friends to also rate your ex and add comments!
  • view your own ratings!
  • view exes in your area, based on ratings you specify!
  • message other users!
  • streaming video chats between exes and including their friends!

check out all the fun at yelpforexes.com!

Hawking’s last theory

Hertog explained that “the laws of physics — the rules on which the universe runs — turn out to be just perfect for the universe to be habitable, for life to be possible.”

This remarkable string of good luck stretches from the delicate balance that makes it possible for atoms to form molecules necessary for chemistry to the expansion of the universe itself, which allows for vast cosmic structures such as galaxies.