announcing YELP FOR EXES

visit to rate an ex!

very basic and “beta” website right now, here’s the current features:

  • Add/Edit basic profile info
  • Reset password
  • Add an Ex to Rate
  • Rate an Ex
  • Upload images
  • View Ratings from others
  • Invite your friends

we have some really big features planned for the very near future (less than a week!) but for the time being we need to get some live data going from people who are curious, so come through and add a couple Exes and rate them!

upcoming stuff:

  • lookup exes!
  • invite your friends to also rate your ex and add comments!
  • view your own ratings!
  • view exes in your area, based on ratings you specify!
  • message other users!
  • streaming video chats between exes and including their friends!

check out all the fun at!

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