great wordle yesterday

very proud of myself!

if there were spectator-friendly wordle this one (#610) would be an instant classic. this is a study on how to kill a streak!

starts off with that second guess. not only did i have horrible first-guess results but also i follow that up with a mistake! never should have made that guess as the A was repeated and hard mode will let a player do that. that quirk bugs the hell out of me! wordle’s definition of hard mode is that a guess is not required to “advance the game” meaning you only have to reuse hints and they don’t consider telling you that a letter is not used, as a hint. i want restricted hard mode that forces the player to advance the game!!

anyhow once i made that third guess i was worried. i literally whispered to myself “ok so this is how it ends” as at the time i had a streak of 155 on the line (and yesterday took me six guesses!).

fourth guess was made early evening, it had been a while since a puzzle had taken all day, I knew BRISS was wrong, but i had to make a guess as it was getting late.

the results were initially so disappointing! but i resolved to at least guess out until the end even it meant the end of my longest streak ever. the key that helped me solve it was recognizing that by the time i got to the fifth guess, there were no good consonant combinations left, so i figured out there was a good chance it was going to be an answer with two repeated “low use” letters.

started running through each consonant using one I, two Is, or an I and O in every position. Got to K and then hey, KIOSK ftw.

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