Cop15: Lula calls on rich nations to give more to protect Earth’s ecosystems

the USA has been the biggest contributor, we need to take the charge in helping to make things right. we’ve already proven that we can cut usage greatly. remember the beginning of the covid pandemic when pollution levels were historically low around the world? here’s a reminder.

absolute legend

“MacKenzie Scott’s Unrestricted Gifts Transform the Organizations That Receive Them, Study Finds “As of last spring, MacKenzie Scott had donated nearly US$13 billion in unrestricted gifts to 277 nonprofit organizations, transforming the ways the grantees function and reshaping philanthropy in the process, a new study shows.”

“hey! we found a way to lift 4 million american kids out of poverty!”

“great! let’s allow the program expire so they can head back to hunger!” “well, can we get the program back if we allow all the rich people to keep their tax breaks Trump gave them…?” “maybe.”

not sure how i feel about this yet

seems like Jack is trying to give renewable energy to africa by using bitcoin but i don’t understand how this isn’t just a non-profit. the business has zero long-term future, within a couple years the electricity will be closer to market-rate and the mining advantage will be lost. plus how does hardware cost fit into …